Using Banner Stands And Street Signs To Increase Foot Traffic At Your Storefront

Posted on November 21, 2016

If your store is located in a high-traffic area, you’re in prime position to increase your client base. Whether you offer them something they’ll want to pick up on their way to work, like coffee or a breakfast sandwich, or something they’ll be more interested in picking up on the way home, the right signage will make it easy for you to attract their attention and guide them right into your business.


Why Banner Stands Are Key

For most companies, banner stands are a mainstay of their convention presence, but don’t see much use outside of the exhibition floor. This is a mistake. Banner stands are useful at conventions, but they’re just as practical to draw in pedestrians walking around outside your business. They achieve this goal within conventions; why shouldn’t they do it outside conventions too?

The only difference between banner stands that have been created for a convention and a banner that’s made for street use is the amount of weatherproof material that has been used in it. When banners are designed for use outside, they’re built with the intention of being highly weatherproof and very durable. When made for indoor use at a convention, they don’t need that kind of construction.

Banner stands should also contain your website address, so your customers can easily find you – of course you should use a well designed store locator for drupal on your website.

Recycling From Your Trade Show Booth Vs. Starting Fresh

You can absolutely take the signs you’ve been using to accent your trade show booths and move them outside your storefront. In fact, if you’re trying it for the first time and have a tight budget, that can be a great way to test things out without spending anything at all.

In the long run, however, it’s always better to make sure that your signs are specially tuned to your company’s daily needs. Convention signage is a great start, but it’s generally not customizable and not meant to catch the eye of someone hurrying to or from work. While the convention crowd and the street crowd are similar, they are not identical, and in the long run you are wise to cater to your specific crowd.


Design Basics For Major Impact

Getting passersby to visit your store starts with catching their eye. It is very common for commuters to get a type of tunnel vision, which makes it tough for them to focus on anything other than getting to work and getting home. Your presentation needs to be interesting enough that they’re distracted from their single-minded focus. If you can get them to pause for a moment and consider your sign, you’ve probably already got them in the door.

Banner stands come in all shapes and sizes. Your standard, everyday banner stand stands about 7ft tall and about 3ft wide, though every system is slightly different.

Focus on your product

To make an eye-catching sign, you’ll need to combine strong promotion of your products with good graphics and bright colors. While you might be inclined to promote your store locator first, focusing on your products will produce better results. Focusing on your store assumes people will know your products based on the store name alone. This may be true in some cases, but even so, product focus has a better impact. Actually seeing a product makes the pedestrian think about the benefits of that actual product almost instantly. Particularly if your products can be bought on impulse, such as food, drink, and other small items, promoting your product is key.

Finally, consider whether you want to have a portion of the sign be customizable. This might mean adding a chalkboard or dry-erase board to the banner stands. It might mean having a space to display today’s menu. Whatever the customization, adding a new element to your display every day tends to increase the number of people who visit. Combining fresh content with strong signage will inform more passersby about your business, driving more traffic through your door and increasing your revenue.